• Alok Sharma

Hire a data analyst (from your finance team)!

When clients are looking for a data analyst we're asked for a list of skills a data analyst would need. We're asked what the ballpark salary would be. We're often asked to conduct the talent searches.

Here's the secret: You probably have a data analyst in your organization already. They're sitting in your accounting or finance department.

Before you look to add an outside resource to you team consider:

1. Your finance people know the basics of programming and data logic. They build formulas in Excel and Access (gasp) all the time!

2. Your finance people know your business. It takes a long time for a new hires to understand your business (sometimes they never get there).

3. Your finance people know where all the data is. They know your inventory systems, your timekeeping systems, etc...

With a little time and focus, it's not a stretch to upskill a finance person. Modern analytics tools (PowerBI, Tableau) are user-friendly and there are plenty of resources online to assist with the education.

I'll go so far as to identify the person that has the skills to take on this role: It's your Controller! Whether wearing a data analyst hat is the highest and best use of this person is up to you to decide.

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