• Alok Sharma

3 areas to examine for (easy) IT savings

There are three areas to examine if you are looking to reduce your IT spend.

1. Once organizations get to a certain size or age, they often have bills for telecom services they aren't using. Sometimes it's a long distance service that you haven't used in years. Sometimes you're paying for internet at a location that's closed or moved. Sometimes you switched providers and forgot to cancel the old one after switching. It happens for a number of reasons, but there is usually a couple grand sitting in that bucket.

2. Check the credit cards for recurring payments (likely subscriptions, sometimes billed annually) and figure out if the subscriptions are being used. If they are for useful services, make sure you're only paying for the licenses you need. Sometimes someone will sign up for a trial month and forget to cancel the service before billing begins (it happens to us all the time).

3. Have you checked your vendors to see if they have new offerings? Maybe your accounting software offers time tracking now. Maybe you can ditch your time tracking software and consolidate on one platform. SaaS vendors are always adding new features so over time, there can be overlap in the services you use.

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