• Alok Sharma

Salesforce is (probably) not the CRM for you

Salesforce is the #1 brand in CRMs. If you mention Customer Relationship Management to anyone, Salesforce is the first name that comes to mind. Salesforce is super flexible and powerful. The problem, is that it's gotten expensive to licenses, implement, and maintain.

If you are looking for a pure CRM (tracking leads, sales pipelines, customer contacts) there are many vendors that are less expensive and can be setup without a technical team. Insightly, Pipedrive, Nutshell, Zoho are all less expensive than Salesforce and can be setup in a day or two.

Salesforce makes sense if you want to move beyond the CRM. So if you want to track fulfillment (warranty, service crews, customer service tickets) it can make sense to buy into the whole Salesforce stack.

If you just want to track your sales, Salesforce isn't for you.

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